Common Mistakes to Avoid in the Gym

Mistakes to Avoid in the Gym

Mistakes to Avoid in the Gym

In this article you will learn the 3 crucial points of Mistakes to Avoid in the Gym. If you’re hitting the gym with the intention of building yourself the physique of a Greek God, you need to be aware that building a body of that calibre is not just a case of lifting weights a couple of times per week.

Mistakes to Avoid in the Gym

To really get more from your workouts you need to constantly be progressing, you need plenty of variety, and you need to know what you’re doing to begin with. A lot of casual gym-goers up and down the country will unfortunately walk into a gym, grab a set of dumbbells, and start curling blindly, not actually knowing what it is that they’re doing at all. We want you to see and feel the benefits from your training, so take a look at this list of common mistakes to avoid making in the gym.

Not warming up and stretching

First off, we don’t care how pressed for time you are, or how “warm” you already feel, there is absolutely no excuse for not warming up before a workout. We need to stretch and warm up to help improve muscle elasticity and to boost circulation to get the blood pumping. Improving muscle elasticity will help you to avoid muscle pulls and tears and warming up will improve your circulation, increase core body temp, and even help to kick your metabolism into life. Before you begin lifting, set aside 5 – 10 minutes and perform some basic warmups and stretches. There are many other ways to help improve your workout, such as a pre-workout meal or supplement.

Wasting time at the gym

While the gym can be a good place to meet new people, it is not a place you should go to if you want to socialize. When you hit the gym you train with a specific goal in mind. You’ve a job to do, and that job is to burn fat, build muscle, and transform your body. We all need to rest between each working set, but if you’re sitting around chatting to other members, or scrolling through your phone, you’re wasting time, you’re losing the pump and you’re allowing lactic acid to build up. The more time you waste, the quicker the muscles will fatigue before you have chance to really blast them. Depending on how you are training, aim for 1 – 2 minutes of rest between each working set.

Poor lifting form

If you’re lifting weights, you need to make sure that you are lifting them correctly and that you are executing perfect lifting form. If for example, you are performing a barbell bench press and you are slamming the weight down onto your chest, bouncing it up to gain momentum, the weight is too heavy and your form sucks. Poor form means that the exercise isn’t being performed correctly, and if it isn’t being performed correctly it won’t target the specific muscle groups it is supposed to target so you may as well not bother. If you are unable to perform an exercise correctly, the weight is almost certainly too heavy, so go lighter and practice until your technique has been perfected.

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